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Johannes Bartholomäus Duntze

German (1823-1895)

Twilight on the Fjord

Oil on Canvas

28" x 43"


Born in Rablinghausen, near Bremen in North Germany on 6th May 1823, Johannes Bartholomäus Duntze chose to study at the renowned Munich Academy in Bavaria. He then became a pupil of Wilhelm Krause (1803-1864) in Berlin before continuing his studies with the Swiss landscape painter Alexandre Calame (1810-1864) in Geneva from 1851 to 1855. By this early age Duntze had travelled widely both within what is now Germany and in Scandinavia, he was painting in Norway in 1848, Duntze was to return to Norway frequently throughout his career, attracted by the dramatic landscape of fjord and forest. It was perhaps this experience of Norway that drew Duntze to Switzerland and
Calame, a painter of rugged Alpine landscapes.

However, in addition to the mountainous countries of Europe, Duntze travelled extensively in Belgium and Holland, visited Paris and continued to travel within Germany. It is perhaps for these works from the Low Countries that Duntze is best known, his winter scenes with skaters before a village, including elements from everyday life, a mill, timber or boat yard.
Duntze exhibited widely within Germany but also in Britain and Switzerland, achieving considerable success, his paintings were sought after in Europe and by collectors in the United States.
In 1876 Duntze settled in Düsseldorf within easy reach of the Low Countries, areas where he continued to paint.

His works can be found in museums in: Hannover; Mainz; Stuttgart; Berne and Geneva.

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